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To buy the legal Ukrainian diploma

Once, seven years ago I brought finished document to a person by myself.
He, satisfied, asked: “How do you keep such a heavy motorcycle on the place?”
He is smiling widely. I see – honest face.

Eventually we became friends and he fitted in our team. He writes programs, monitors the internet, some day he will also buy the motorcycle. And everything had started from his decision to buy the legal diploma.

I reckon, it is very fairly to face the truth and know which horses will carry you in tomorrow. I have never taught the life anybody, but I will open the Real TRUTH with a big pleasure.

To buy the diploma recorded in the register

The net is full of attractive in different kinds offers which often don’t correspond the truth, it means delusional in filling in the documents. For example: to buy the diploma entered in base or the diploma recorded in the register, or even cooler – to buy the legal diploma.

I will explain saying – often delusional.
Rosy-cheeked and always chewing chaps show You, in front of your eyes, the information on monitor screens, that they are ready to do You, solvent citizens, a great favor and give everything you wish in terms, in the best way and without prepayment… Well, free sillies, of course, want to believe with all their heart in all this stuff, craving sweet and safe and without risk…

But still this market – is illegal and you can forget about it in no way.

In the logic of those people, who offer to buy the diploma recorded in the register, legal, in more simple terms – to buy the legal diploma, pulling your leg, everything looks like this: he, this rosy-cheeked, brave chap comes to civil servants, says them fervently on behalf of his authority, takes as many as he wants real sets of blanks of strict reporting (diplomas, certificates etc), then another civil servants process all these and only after that the document is sent to a customer. The customer, having got the document on the real blank of state typography GOZNAK, pays after the fact of the finished document.

BUT HE CAN ALSO REFUSE, having said, for example, that he had changed his mind! Isn’t it really funny?
In this way the document will go back, registration of the document will remain unpaid, civil servants won’t get any coin for stolen from the safe blank, and everybody will be glad, waiting for the next customer.

In schemes, where civil servants take part, providing legal, authentic documents, ravaging official lock boxes, illegally writing off the blanks of strict reporting and risking their social level, official position and career prospects and their colleagues from another authority risk providing quotas at the base, exactly they decide the main part – passport officials, officials from educational Ministry, consular and legalization authorities, eventually even judges. It is commonly known, that officials won’t take part in such delicate schemes without collateral sum (prepayment).

The conclusion is simple – none of those demagogues, who promise real blanks and don’t take prepayment, calling those papers, which they send, the production of mythical printing plant of state typography GOZNAK, have any real blanks. And they send, yeah-yeah, candid nonsense, which they print by themselves. It is impossible to buy the diploma with recording in the register from such people, because they do not do any registration of the diploma in the register.

The cost price of such rubbish is 33 coins, even laminated. There is the thing – some people need papers immediately, very immediately. And in the end they take this stuff which is send by rosy-cheeked chaps, with no prepayment.

This is what I can tell you – always agree for cooperation with such jerks, let they send their rubbish, because soon they won’t have any money even for sending their forgery. Or let they say the truth – THAT THEY HAVE QUALITATIVE (OR NOT) FORGERY, WHICH EVERY RESPECTING HIMSELF SERVANT OF ADMISSION COMMISSION, THE DIVISION OF PERSONNEL WILL IDENTIFY.

In Ukraine (it can be verified by everybody, having read this text) research institute of applied informational technology, which is a part of consortium ASTEK, manufactures diploma. And this organization only deals with collecting the diplomas in the shape which we get on our hands. And such component of this collecting as blank, the creation of printing house “Ukraine”, that prints everything the most important and especially valuable in this country, hologram – is a masterpiece of protecting things of company, that is second important in the country, consortium EDAPS, and joint enterprise “Holography” is a part of it, that is protected not worse than gold storage.

The whole collecting procedure takes place under precise control and monitoring the clearness and expendable materials of exactly that famous publicly accessible national base of monitoring the state educational documents Exactly this organization controls seal as well as collecting the finished documents, utilization in two protective enterprises, when they are not suitable. And our heroes dare do anything. The blanks are brought them in the pockets… Do you still have the desire to buy the authentic diploma from such “specialists”?

The recorded in the registry diploma

Chubby mutants even don’t know where and how all this is produced, lying about some state typography GOZNAK, which is left in the USSR. You can buy their production for 200 dollars, don’t doubt, they will agree. It can’t be more expensive because they still earn about 140 dollars. That’s just because liars have not bad off-set printing presses and laminating machines, holograms are cut out wherever. And there is no any registration in the registry. This is why the prices are so low. Believe me, even if the tenth person pays them –it brings the income. How much does the person, living at the monitors, need? Hamburger and Pamela Anderson’s photo. Let they tell you about their version – where do they get authentic blanks of state typography GOZNAK?


I can’t see any clear explanation in any internet recourses about how to buy the recorded in the registry diploma and how the authentic blank looks like and protection (perhaps I have missed something, there are normal people). Generally, the point is that runs everything in educational field of document based on strict accounting. Exactly that base, that all without exception state services use – admission committee, police, notaries, neighbors, stuff departments, everybody! It’s because that proves the availability of the real document in three minutes. Here is a paradox. Boys, who introduce themselves as girls, and with sighs promise You better life, just don’t tell you the truth, that they will SEND YOU FORGED, OF COURSE, DOCUMENT, anyway. So, you won’t manage to buy the recorded in the registry diploma.

They don’t care about your further fate. As long as the customer believes in plausibility. The most surprising – IT WORKS! And nobody even beat them. Because money are paid by satisfied people. And to this day people want to believe each other. Our operators can additionally tell about, for example, how authentic blanks can appear empty, how women can hide holograms, what the third shift at the regime enterprise is, why most of customers, who are reinsured, prefer doing Russian paperwork, what the real reason of universal accept of the system is, generally many interesting things including how to buy recorded in the registry (authentic) diploma.

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