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The second higher education – to buy the diploma of retraining

To buy the diploma of retraining – what are the benefits of such deed? fir the beginning, let’s speak what it exactly is. Professional retraining of specialist in Ukraine is considered to be a specific kind of additional professional education and it has to be conducted with taking into account specialist’s relevant education, put simply – the second higher education. For getting a new kind of professional occupation, the specialist needs to listen to more than five hundred hours of tuition.

That is not very pleasant perspective, but in case you buy the diploma of retraining, you can devote your spare time to your favorite activity. Besides, student doesn’t find out anything new attending lessons. All basic knowledge, that you will need any way, will come only with experience. That’s why for those, who strive to be successful in Ukrainian business, it is enough to buy the diploma of retraining.

The diploma of retraining (the second higher education) 1994-2024 years

buy the diploma of retrainingthe second higher education

  • Complete State original
  • Original State blank
  • Qualitative typography
  • 15 600 грн.
  • 10 300 грн.
  • 7 600 грн.

Buying the diploma of retraining – is investment for enterprising

Sometimes we have to change the profession. It is hard enough for working person to get a state diploma of professional retraining: it take a lot of time for courses and it costs expensive enough. It is absolutely unnecessary to undergo training again, so-called retraining.

Having the higher educational diploma, it is enough to buy a diploma of retraining and continue your working career at one of Ukrainian companies, but already on another occupation. And this specialty will be documented, that employers love so much.

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