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Super forgery at a VERY LOW COST

If you commonly (at work, among your relatives etc) accept using forgery of educational document of Ukraine, which is not only missing in the main base of country, where it can be easily verified by all services and departments, employers, simple citizens, but also which is printed on the false form, even if it is actually very good quality – WE WILL GIVE YOU INDISPENSABLE ADVICE.

400 dollars, sometimes 350 – is established (average) price for such set of documents, where you will be given title page and attachment, which are printed on forms that are called QUALITATIVE PRINTED COPIES (FORGERIES).

Without any problems or even discontent or both parts, yours and seller’s, you can minimize the sum to 120-150 dollars by mutual agreement. It is necessary to find advertisers on the pages of internet- recourses, who will ensure buyer that authentic form Printing Factory of Ukraine Goznak can be bought without prepayment and you can pay after the fact of getting with the help of post office “Nova Pochta” or you can pay by any other convenient way or after having paid minimal lien contribution, prepayment. About 200-400 hryvnias.

Of course, for any reasonable person it is clear from the very beginning that, without any strong guarantees, public employees will not get involved in such stuff as stealing government-issued blanks of strict reporting, recorded and controlled (you can call it as you wish) from their own safe. Besides, to risk their own official position or perhaps even worse… for what? Some promises from unknown one (an addict, a pensioner, who is bored, a lonely woman, who doesn’t know the rest, a reporter of rising but noncash celebrity, just usual insane, simple enemy – subversive etc).

But they have to send you something? And they will send!

They will send exactly what we are talking about – QUALITATIVE PRINT, it means FORGERY. It will be really not bad quality and from the first sight it can seem effective and acceptable.

This is how this scheme works: people come to the post office and see laminated blank, hologram, letters with surname and something else, roll their eyes and fall into euphoria… dreams of sustainable future. Then short payment takes place only for receiving and happy owner of allegedly authentic document goes away with consciousness of fulfilled case.

A little bit later they find out that have paid (that should have been scrutinized) not for authentic blank and paid three times more.

Because on their hands – is a QUALITATIVE FORGERY.

Whatever hard in its implementation forgery is- it will never compete in levels (degrees) of protection with legal, what is more, having registered diploma, which will be entered to the main verification base of educational documents of Ukraine

So, if you still need qualitative forgery – agree for the purchasing then paper from such kind of sellers, which they call original (without prepayment or minimal amount of money). Then, having carefully prepared, it means just having learnt information about all protective characteristics of educational blanks, come to a place of issue the document on your hands, learn it of course having assured that it is fraud right here on the spot, claim flatly about it to a SELLER.

As he had already tried to deceive, no argument, that it is expensive material, hard work and SO ON… will help.

You vociferously claim that you are ready to take the forgery for 100 dollars and then with royal gesture you agree on 120 and everyone is happy.

Don’t doubt – the seller will remain satisfied.
In the nearest future we will clear the situation about possibility to save money on cadastral and license field.

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