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New paper diplomas

As now deceased Vladimir Ilych Lenin used to say: “Study, study and one more study”, “Studying is the light and not studying something bad”, “Diligence is the mother of success”, “As for me, I’m not hungry…”
Yes, he liked to talk.

Modern integrated society doesn’t believe in chit-chat. Practice becomes the main postulate in its life creativity. It is not a secret for anybody that it is money (when there is no money – there is no love).
The search of mentioned practice motivates adventurers for high–speed short routes, where it is obvious, as they think, not just stupid sleepy vegetation in auditoriums of soviet universities, inhaling the atmosphere of teachers and managements madness for years, and only then tiresome waiting for working place. The level of given accelerator is given in hands of these adventurers – you can call it as you wish.

Here is an example of three levels of this logic: The way to find employer by yourself, who offers bright embodiment of people’s imagination of decent work, then short negotiation with discussion both sides about conceptions of relationship. The third step – purchasing the diploma of higher education with the help of buying and selling method with following stand–up party to commemorate a successful employment. By the way, purchasing the diploma fully corresponds to requirements of the employer, Revenue service, permissive authorities (quotas, licenses etc) and maybe even voters. This is the way how in our age initiative people form the pace of life.

Found a job – bought a diploma – got a salary. (Theoretical knowledge are got in working practice). Don’t doubt – there are more and more such riders in society. We see them in restaurants, aviation salons “A” class , performing in the stands, on television, concerning for the future of their country. Also these people take part in approaching our society to European integration.

Numerous directives (bad and not very bad) were accepted in the light of such global initiatives by management. One of them is a law, from 2015 year, that all higher educational establishments of Ukraine are obliged to give the diplomas and certificates to them in their own sample, so as they considered the diploma of plastic sample not corresponding to the world standards since it turned out that there are no diplomas made of plastic in any country for a number of understandable reasons.

It was decided to go back to the forms of typographic print by the brave patriotic pioneers of Ministry of education. Meanwhile, any interested university can print its personal form and design graduates set of documents. The main and the only way to verify the diplomas in authenticity is state electronic portal

Form this year, at registration with our help ordering the diploma of higher education from 2016 and further the service “COMPLETE ORIGINAL” goes as amended “reissued” we want to explain, that it means: With our help Your data is originally entered in base of electronic portal as owner of the diploma desired by you university. After that our representatives submit request to selected by you university via the Ministry of education with the application about the loss of the diploma. University verifies its authenticity on electronic portal where it is already listed and gives copy of the diploma as lost by you original, and exactly the same original marked in electronic base. We want to pay your attention on the fact this is the only available way to get original document of the desired by You university. There are no another ways on this day (excluding the possibility to undergo education by yourself in this university of country).

Our proposed consistency of actions excludes possible troubles for owners of the diploma of higher education as they get the original diplomas of higher education registered in base
We work for You. Your security is our well-being!

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